Pay per Use Remote Backup without setup fees


Choose 1BACKUP to protect your data automatically

1Backup is a professional remote backup service that allows you to automate backup processes without setup and infrastructure costs.

The service is designed for companies that want to save their data and those of their customers contained in mail servers, databases and web servers. Choosing a remote backup solution means reducing the risk of data loss and responding to GDPR compliance needs.

Protect your data means protect your business.


Keep everything under control

Security and protection

Your data, your emails and your servers are always safe, secured from accidental and malicious damages. With 1Backup, you save your precious resources in the Cloud. All your data is encrypted with a personal security key before being transferred so that is can’t be read by others.

Convenience and speed

Setup and infrastructure costs zero. You pay for what you use. Fast backups even with slow     Internet connections thanks to compression.

Complete and scalable

You can manage backups of all kinds with a single solution and keep everything under controlnwith a single panel. You can add the resources that your business needs in order to grow without having to make upfront investments, but only by paying the difference for what you use.


Your data, your emails and your servers safe from 0.06 euros/GB per month.



More than 5.000.000 users in the world use the technologies adopted by 1Backup to offer its clients an efficient and secure data storing service. 1Backup offers a service that can be used in every context by means of specific technologies for every Windows, Linux or Mac OS X operating system, be it in a physical environment or in VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine.



The underlying infrastructure is based enterprise tier HPE clusters and storage; the software virtualization architecture is based on VMware technology. 1Backup servers are grouped into several data centres and different clusters in each data centre, thus providing the best performance possible and the best High Availability.

Each piece of data is stored on different storages with modular expansion capacity. Thanks to HPE and VMware technologies, the architecture can be scaled both vertically and horizontally.


The 1Backup service is provided with a network architecture guaranteed with GigaBit connections towards multiple Data Centres.
Italy: 2 Carrier Class Data Centres, interconnected to the Internet and to Milan MIX with mixed and redundant band. The network is 99,99% guaranteed and being monitored by our NOC 24/7.

Discover all 1Backup Agents!

Server Agent, for production environments

Server agents are the ideal solution for all environments, be they Client or Server with Windows, Linux / Unix and Mac OSX operating systems.In addition to being enabled by default all the modules to backup files, folders and Outlook / Outlook Express / Windows Live Mail e-mail databases, the Server agent is also able to save main databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.Thanks to Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) technologies, the Server Agent is also able to back up open files.The Server Agent also has add-ons that can be activated on request, for backing up specific environments:

  • VMware Module
  • Hyper-V Module
  • Office 365 Mailbox

Ideal for production server contexts such as web servers, database servers, management systems (Navision, Zucchetti, Mago, Teamsystem and many others), remote desktop servers, Microsoft Exchange, Kerio Connect, Office 365 mailboxes, SmarterMail, MDaemon.


NAS Agent, to protect Synology and QNAP

Thanks to native agents for Synology and QNAP you can protect all corporate data that resides directly on NAS.

Deploying agents for NAS is quick and easy: after installing the appropriate client on the network device, 1Backup is ready to be used in a few clicks.

Direct installation – The client for Synology and QNAP installs directly on the NAS, with no need to configure them as a network drive to make them accessible to the backup service.


With the 1Backup dashboard, the daily check-ups are a Precise, Safe and, above all, a Quick job. Each operator will be able to move independently to check on the remote backups of each customer.

Complete dashboard

High efficiency levels in Cloud Backup management.


Complete list of all the agents in management panel.


Graphs and charts about files and space of the last 10 days.

Job Check

Discover all the ongoing activities and their status.