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Data Classification
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Discover the importance of classifying and managing digital rights to protect your data.

Data Classification is the process of organizing data in categories useful for:

  • Simplify research and recovery
  • Managing risk
  • Ensuring compliance.


Your organization must provide guidelines (including classification criteria and employee role and responsibility specifications) for classifying and managing data. The classification scheme must be simple and understandable so that every person inside the organization does not make any mistakes.

To classify and protect (by encryption) the internal data of the company or to distribute the documents securely to third parties (by smartphone or e-mail) it is necessary to have a Data Rights Management system.


The AGM Solutions service categorizes and protects documents containing confidential or sensitive information with encryption so that only those who are authorized can have access to it.

It is necessary to define criteria for the automatic classification and protection of documents and/or that specially delegated users carry out the classification and impose the corresponding security measures on the documents.

The implementation of digital rights management systems or processes:

  • Guarantees protection on data ownership.
  • Deny users who do not have the right to access, to modify, save or use certain resources.
  • Allows your organization to avoid legal problems arising from unauthorized use.
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