Data Loss Prevention

The solution for data loss prevention.

Data Loss Prevention

With the Data Loss Prevention System you control the flow of data and information between PC and other devices, preventing the extraction or the loss of data.

The Data Loss Prevention system guarantees effective prevention of data loss with anticipated and reduced costs. Having a DLP system means having a secure computing environment and allowing all authorized users to perform their activities freely while all involuntary or intentional attempts to perform unauthorized operations are blocked.


The Data Loss Prevention system is able to carry out:

  • Specific control over a wide range of data loss paths at a contextual level.
  • A content analysis and filtering to certain endpoint data exchanges transferred to removable devices, PnP devices, and through the network.


The objectives of the system are:

  • Control the flow of data and information between PC and other devices and prevent sensitive company information from being transferred in breach of company policies.
  • Identify the data that can be transferred and the devices to which to allow transfers and block all other types of transfers.


The periodic updating of the system based on the changing business needs guarantees complete security.

The system identifies, monitors and protects:


The active data stored in the database with which a user is interacting.


The data that at a given moment passes through a network to a final destination.


The stored data stored on a customer’s hard disk, on a network storage unit, on a remote server, on a backup system, such as tapes and CDs.

DLP monitors various devices connected to a Windows or MAC PC, such as:

  • USB sticks
  • Removable storage devices
  • Printers
  • Network access
  • Outgoing email
  • Access to websites
  • Social networks
  • File sharing services
  • Accurately associate user rights with professional roles for transferring, receiving, and storing data on company computers.
  • Reduce the possibility that data may be stolen from users’ PCs in breach of corporate security policies.
  • Data Breaches
  • Theft and even involuntary disclosure of information
  • Loss of image
Keep your data safe, choose prevention!