Code of ethics


Code of ethics

This Code of Ethics expresses the commitment and the ethical responsibilities assumed towards the stakeholders (shareholders, employees, collaborators, suppliers, customers, hereinafter the “Recipients”) in the belief that ethics in the conduct of business is an essential prerequisite for the Company’s success.

All the Company’s activities must therefore be based on compliance with the legal provisions and regulations of the Countries with which they operate, the principles of honesty, reliability, impartiality, loyalty, transparency, fairness and good faith both for the pursuit of its objectives and for the reasonable prevention of the offences specified by Legislative Decree. 231 of 2001.

The Code of Ethics is based on an ideal of cooperation in mutual respect and for the benefit of the parties involved and is therefore binding on all those who cooperate with the Company, either directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily.

The basic principles of our work are: Professionalism and Trust, Legality and Honesty and Fairness and Transparency.

Professionalism and trust

AGM Solutions values the professionalism of its collaborators who are carefully selected and trained, as well as the transfer of knowledge and the sharing of objectives and results while respecting personal characteristics. Each collaborator must, therefore, act in accordance with honest lines of conduct, with commitment and ethical rigour in order to protect, in any situation, the Company’s image and good reputation.

Legality and honesty

AGM Solutions undertakes to conduct its business in full compliance with the regulations in force, the Code of Ethics, internal regulations, ensuring that the decisions taken are not in any way attributable, even only potentially, to personal interests or in conflict with fiduciary duties that are the basis of the corporate role held. This commitment must also apply to consultants, suppliers, customers and any other party who has a relationship with the company.

Fairness and transparency

AGM Solutions undertakes to provide complete, timely and truthful information, guaranteeing the transparency of the decisions taken in a comprehensive and verifiable manner without any possible ambiguity.

Rules of conduct

The values of the specialization of skills, the timeliness, innovation, attention to quality and the collaboration to achieve the objectives, lie at the heart of the company “policy”, in compliance with the principles of impartiality.
The competency assessment systems adopted by the Company aim to judge the value of the professionalism of the collaborators intended as an enrichment of the corporate capital. They are therefore assessments aimed at correlating the level of professionalism achieved, in full compliance with personal characteristics, freedom and equal opportunities, with the planning of further development of resources through indications of professional improvement.
AGM Solutions values the knowledge, skills and quality of its collaborators.
All those who collaborate in various ways with the Company are required to act loyally in order to comply with the obligations stipulated in the work contract and the provisions of this Code of Ethics, ensuring the services requested. Each collaborator shall act with due diligence in order to protect the company assets, with responsible behaviour and in line with the operating procedures set forth to govern their use. Each collaborator is responsible for protecting the resources entrusted to him.
AGM Solutions considers human resources as a fundamental element for the existence of the company. In this context, it is therefore committed to pursuing the maximum results in terms of protection and compliance with the regulations in force, adopting the necessary measures to protect the safety of the workplace and the health of workers, including occupational risk prevention activities, information and training.
Relations with customers must be based on courtesy and sharing of the objectives, in the spirit of professionalism, responsibility and integrity. The Company’s collaborators must, therefore, pursue the maintenance and development of the existing relationships according to the highest quality standards to meet the reasonable expectations of the customer that will be regularly monitored.
The purchasing processes are based on the search for the maximum competitive advantage for the Company and the loyalty and impartiality towards each supplier in possession of the required requirements.
AGM Solutions protects the privacy of personal and sensitive data in accordance with the current legislation. For this purpose, the Company uses the necessary technical and organizational solutions to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data processed. The security of the information system has as its primary objective the protection of data and elements of the information system that deals with the management of the data itself.
The protection of data and associated elements is guaranteed if it is preserved:
• confidentiality: ensures that data is accessible only to those who are authorized to have access to it;
• integrity: safeguards the completeness of data and transfer methods;
• availability: ensures that authorized users have access to the data and the elements that process them when necessary.

The lack of an adequate level of data security, in terms of confidentiality, availability and integrity, can have as consequences the loss of competitive advantage, image, customers, turnover and a consequent significant financial loss. Moreover, it is necessary to add the risk of incurring penalties linked to violations of the laws in force.
Therefore, the security of the information system is achieved by implementing a series of appropriate security measures, i.e. procedures, technical or practical mechanisms that reduce the risks to which the information assets as a whole are exposed.

AGM Solutions, in the performance of its business and corporate mission, guarantees constant and timely compliance with the rules for the protection of industrial and intellectual property, and therefore primarily the software, the electronic and/or telematic databases, computer programs and any activity that can be carried out through the use of computers, information systems in general and internet access.

Consequences of the breach of the code of ethics

Any breach of the Code of Ethics by the employees will be deemed to be a breach of the obligations arising from the contract of employment or disciplinary offence, pursuant to Art. 2104 of the Italian Civil Code.

Any sanctioning measures will be adopted, where necessary, in full compliance with the laws in force from time to time and national or corporate employment contracts, as a consequence of the loss of the relationship of trust.

Should the breach of the ethical rules be performed by a self-employed person, supplier or other subject having contractual relations with the Company, the termination of the contract, as well as compensation for damages deriving from the breach, may be envisaged as a sanction.