Protect your digital data.


Advanced systems designed for all types of companies to manage and protect sensitive and not only digital data.

The different systems offered by AGM Solutions are based on identity and access security in order to protect organizations from loss or violation of digital data.

Companies wishing to maximize data security must adopt identity and access management systems.

The solutions offered by AGM Solutions are:


Identity Access Management

Identity and access management system to protect your applications and data.


Privileged Identity Management

System to manage, control, and monitor access to certain resources in your organization.


Privileged Access Management

A system that allows organizations to restrict access to certain resources by providing specific privileges to users.

These systems are based on the principle of assigning particular privileges to groups of users. Each user will be privileged and will have access to certain data/information according to the security logic assigned.

To structure a secure system, you need to identify documents, information, systems and users requiring privileged access and keep the authorizations up-to-date (taking care, for example, to remove the utilities that are no longer used or which belong to subjects no longer in force to the company).


These systems do not protect data through encryption or other security procedures but allow users to restrict access to certain data, systems or applications.

In support of organizations that want to use these solutions to maintain a high level of security, AGM Solutions proposes customized solutions that provide support from analysis to implementation.


The AGM Solutions team guarantees:

  • an in-depth analysis of processes and workflows;
  • an ad hoc implementation of protection systems;
  • full support for any need.


Today, it is not enough to choose the best technology available. It is necessary to equip yourself with systems for managing identity and access privileges to ensure maximum security and minimize threats of violation and data loss.

Keep your data safe!