Transparent Data Encryption

Real-time data encryption and decryption.

Transparent Data Encryption

The system that enables real-time I/O encryption and decryption of data and log files.

The Transparent Data Encryption System protects the data “at rest” in the database, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations established in various sectors.


TDE allows you to encrypt the database at the page level. The data can be accessed only by applications and users of the database and only through the database.


Data protection is guaranteed only with respect to users and applications that do not have access to the database: any direct copy of the database files or backups would not give access to the data.

Users and applications that have access to the database, can access the data according to the authorizations present in the database itself.


The service consists of the intervention of a specialized technician who backs up all the data in the database, activates the encryption, creates the encryption key (password).

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